All Our Power is for Love

Sakuya Takagi



Fluff galore ^^

One day, a couple who have been dating for a good while, decide to spice it up with role-play. In order to break down their old patterns using role-playing, cosplaying apparel has been procured –and what a cute policeman short shorts and maid skirt costume set it is! Can the perverted policeman and the rugged, manly maid reaffirm and recapture love through beating hearts and coyness!? “A Festival of Police Interro-gation Role-Play!” is the first porny and hyper one-shot of this collection. Six stories, all special commissions and never before published, are included in Sakuya Takagi's eagerly anticipated first comic!

Manga Status: 1 Volume
Project Status: Active (barely lol)