still alive :)

Hey everyone - we are still alive just been super busy still trying to find work and do side jobs that take a lot of my time. I should have a chapter or two in a couple of weeks so hang tight and I would love to hear on what stories you are most interested on us finishing the most quickly. I will take stock of that information and try to do my best with that. Okay I hope everyone is doing well in their lives and love you guys! <3


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05.25.15 New Release!

Hello, everyone! :)

First, I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the best, thank you!! <3

Second, here are the final chapters of 10 Dance volume 2 (ch8b, 9a, 9b, 10) *whoot whoot!*
!!! A few notes:
1. I would encourage you to start from the beginning because it seems like the mangaka switched gears slightly from the magazine to tanko - the tone seems off a bit and she also mentions this in the chapter notes.
2. Ch6 in the tanko is part of vol 2 so we have renamed that as well.
3. She also states that Sugiki's arch rival Giorgio was really supposed to be named Julio this entire time which is why in our original ch8 release which was still from the magazine if you had downloaded it his name is Julio but we never noticed until getting tanko scans. Its all very confusing and although we would normally respect a mangaka's choice of change this is beyond bonkers like you can't go an entire volume calling someone one thing and start calling him something else his name is forever going to be Giorgio and we have updated this accordingly and renamed the file to ch8a as it ends abruptly and the rest of the chapter (now called 8b) was not revealed to us until we received tanko scans.
Any other weirdness, well what can we say- WE TRIED, lol.
Thanks so much for reading, happy monday and HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY for anyone in the U.S  such as myself remembering relatives who passed and who were in the armed forces.


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Anniversary 2015

Hey Everyone and Happy Anniversary :)
I am going to make this short and sweet <3
First off, as you can see anni was late this year and simply put: I forgot.
I forgot because I am losing my job, my computer died and I am using an old ass laptop and I am just plain bummed and looking for work lol.
Anyway, we do have some releases today and I want to apologize to my staff who have their own lives and that I am so late with their hard work.
To answer the question if we are dead or dying, we aren't but shit happens, life happens and hopefully things will pick up for all of us soon :)

Thanks for being so patient, sorry for any errors and enjoy the release! <3

Download links below:
Ato Hitoiki ch3-end
Fudanshi ch5-end
Gangster Darling ch4
Onajikakera de Dekite Iru ch1
Ouji ga aishita spy ch3


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02.14.15 Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! ^__^

Hope you enjoy the works today~!

-Hanagaya Eigyousho no Kare ch3-end (joint w/ Dangerous Pleasure)

*this manga has been a blast!*

-Shinkai no Venus ch4-end

*nothing says I LOVE YOU on valentines day like these two freakazoids - dub-con included*

Download links:


Venus Series


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12.25.14 New Releases

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ^__^

Hope you enjoy the works today~!

-Ookami no Ketsuzoku (Blood Relatives of the WOlves) ch3-end
*i have to say as squicky as some of the language is in this last story (its three full chapters) i haven't felt so satisfied about a couple's ending in a very long time GODDAMMIT OKAY!? lol - I just really loved it a lot*

-Ore no Mono (Be Mine Already) ch4-end
*wonderful ending and an extra with a strange couple but still good *bit of non-con*

-10 Dance v2ch8
*Finally a release of 10 Dance- We do need scans to go further though so we are looking for help for HQ scans only please to continue this series*

Enjoy our presents from Nakama to you! <3

Download links:

10 Dance


Ore no Mono


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11.09.14 New Releases

Happy Sunday! ^__^

Hope you enjoy the works today~!

-Ato Hitoiki ch2
*this story is so good, man*

-Hanagaya Eigyousho no Kare ch2 joint w/ Dangerous Pleasure (their new website looks fantastic!)
*blushing seme are the best seme*

-Ore no Mono ch2 & ch3
*these two are idiots and i love it*

Enjoy and have a fantastic day! <3

Download links:

Ato Hitoiki


Ore no Mono


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10.13.14 New Releases

Happy Monday!

Hope you enjoy the works today~!

-Jika Renai Chudoku ch1 by Akiko Monden
*"brothers" story very beautifully drawn - has possible past non-con- intense but the banter is funny* *WE NEED A TRANSLATOR FOR THIS STORY*

-Fudanshi ch4
*i will go down with this ship and story lol

-Gangster Darling ch3
*page 22 will kill you- KILL YOU- its so hot

Enjoy and have a fantastic day! <3




09.09.14 New Releases

***UPDATE**** Ch1 of Otokokemono Desu has been re-added to its mediafire folder - I am sorry in advance for any mistakes thank you! <3

Happy Tuesday~!

My birthday was a week ago but I have been working hard on bringing you some presents, as well ^___^

Enjoy reading but just a few notes:

1. We will be closing our forum due to a server change so we will not be updating it any longer.

2. We will no longer be hosting FTP downloads, so this will be the last chance to download anything from there:


3. You can always grab previous download links from past releases and/or they will be in the same folder when we release items.

4. We are in dire need for translators of the following manga, so if you think you have some time, communicate that time well with others, and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ikenai Mousou Fudanshi (ch4-end)

Ookami no Ketsuzoku (ch4-end)

Onajikaera de Dekite Iru ch1-end)

Kamikakushiryou Kitan (ch2-end)

Jika Renai Chuudoku (ch2-end)

Nekojita Spiky (ch2-end)

Dramatic Ni Ubae (ch2-end)

Soshite Tsuzuki ga Aru no Nara (ch3-end)


-Ikenai Mousou Fudanshi ch2-3

*I know I said this before but this is my favorite manga okay!?*


-Otokokemono Desu ch2-3

*so these are turning out to be one-shots which I don't mind in the least! The angel story is hilarious "SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE!"*



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